Monday, 28 November 2011

I be Masterchef too, pliss

Ladees and the gents, in the oven at this moment is that one dish that will make your life better. Okay, I hope it will! Right at this moment, bubbling and rising like the beautiful Winter sun is a gorgeous loaf of Orange bread. I never knew such a thing existed but god bless the internet for free recipes...ting! That was me, not the oven. Oh happiness!

I wonder what it'll look it will taste. It smells blissful, yes.

Why am I baking at 10 pm? I just finished watching the finale of Masterchef Australia 2011 (Kate won, by the way, doesn't matter really, everyone wins!) And I thought, time to bakety bake bake masterchef style -- boom boom, shake the room :)

Leaving you with a visual of this beauty and I hope it makes you want to reach into the screen and sneak a teeny bitey!

An Apple A day

My quest for a 'healthy' dessert brought me to the Apple Crumble last evening. Now, please. It is NOT such. It has quite a bit of butter, maida and sugar in it. But in its defence, it's YUM.

I am trying to avoid eating it and successfully have but mom's really been at it. She really does love her fruits and veggies (conveniently ignoring the butter and sugar). I also made Banana Walnut Cake and Walnut Cake this weekend (Nov 26-27) -- Yes, there's lots of walnut at home!

I gifted the banana walnut cake to a friend. He says it was great, so yay! Definitely better than the last (and first) attempt at banana bread (phew!). Getting good -- and fast! Yeah, baby! (Hold the phone, Modesty calling!)

Leaving you with this mouth-watering visual of the Apple Crumble. Let's hope my friend clicks a pic of the banana bread before he finishes all of it and I can post it for you guys! Cheers and lowe, lowe, lowe.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

My Experiments With Food - And That's the Sweet Truth!

I have recently taken to feeding people instead of only being fed. I discovered about a month back that i had developed an obsession for baking. Actually,the obsession became a reality only when my mum bought me an oven for Diwali. It cam with a lot of promises: No, I will not bake great stuff and eat it myself or make you eat it. Something would be baked and tasted and quickly disposed off to friends or office colleagues. No calories, please. The other promise was to learn how to bake a whole lot of veggie dishes for mum. I think that's primarily how she got convinced, my vegetable-loving mother.

Well, once the oven arrived, I basically lost my mind. I baked everyday the first week. The first two attempts were disastrous, owing to my usual casual 'I know I'll be great at this' attitude supported by 'Oh, I don't need to follow measurements, I'm a natural' campaign. But after wasting half the ration of the house, I submitted to the internet for recipes (always the faceless internet, never an auntie -- afterall, I have quite an ego!).

It started with a few hiccups, hell, I am still hiccuping but my office colleagues would agree I am getting kind of good at this. Mom hasn't got many baked vegetable dishes yet (that was just the bait to reel her in), I like to focus on desserts! This baking obsession is also keeping me on my toes and I think I will need to join a gym soon :P But more on that, later.

For now, please enjoy my baking evolution in pics. Remember, I am not giving any FREE cooking tips. And I might be willing to take orders!