Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Baking From Happiness

So I am sick. Like really unwell. High fever, rash and all. Ugh. It's the worst feeling. I mean I've been sick plenty and really enjoyed it mostly, what with all the pampering and sympathy, the best part being that I skipped many a final exam in school but this is totally different. To start off, I fell sick on my birthday (that too has happened before...twice). I snapped at all my friends after inviting them to dine with me at a fancy place. I wore my favourite top but was too cold to take the jacket off even once. I hardly ate anything. I somehow made it home and worst of all, I left for a wedding in Jaipur the next day only to return day after, half dead with an ugly, ugly rash all over my body. And all this over a weekend.

Today I decided enough was enough. I had no fever all day yesterday and enough energy in me to do something...and no office. This meant it was a perfect time to bake. That's when I saw the silver lining. It's one thing to bake for happiness, but quite another to bake from happiness. The fruit of the latter's always sweeter and yummier.

It was easy to decide what to bake. It had to be mom's favourite. Her favourite dessert of all time: chocolate eclair. Moms are the best. When you're unwell and disoriented and weak and helpless and you just call out your mom's name, for no purpose as such, I've seen it really gives some sort of a boost, some invisible strength accompanied with a comforting, world's best hug. So, this one's for my momma. Nay, for all our mommas.

You can find the recipe for this here. And thank my Maamu for giving it to me and it reaching you thus.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Pizza Pockets

Isn't it the best feeling when you discover something pleasant? And yummy? I love it when such accidents happen on weekdays. It just lifts up your day and gives you strength to carry on (very filmy, but true). So I came home from work to find my mum missing and decided that for a change I'll give her an evening snack when she returns. (My mum cutely has a snack prepared everyday when I come back from work...what can I say, she thinks I do a lot of work involving manual labour).

So I washed my face and hands (look how clean I am), tied my hair in a ponytail (hair strands in one's food can possibly ruin a surprise...unless you can sell it to your customer or 'surprisee' as flavouring or something), and preheat the oven. I started making the dough for my quiche when I had an epiphany. And Pizza Pockets were born.

Like cute little samosa bags, I filled the dough up with some yummy tomato pasta sauce (store bought, tasted great) lotsa veggies (whatever I could find: mushrooms, broccoli, carrots), sprinkled some italian seasoning and garlic powder, pulled the dough together and covered the gaps on top with the help of little dough flaps and put them in the oven. Oh, and instead of a pie tin, I used, wait for it, cupcake moulds!

Oh, and I mixed some rosemary and sage into the dough while rolling it out...added to the great flavour.

I patted myself and put these babies into the oven and set it for 15 mins. However, two minutes later I took them out to add cut up olives on top, because anyone who knows me knows I love olives. Back in the oven, I waited with bated breath.

The wait was worth it and the result was delicious. In fact they looked so pretty and smelled so good, mum and I couldn't wait to dive in. Result: Burnt tongue.

I think they make for great snacks and mini-meals for kids. I deliberately didn't use cream coz I wanted to keep it low fat. It had maida and some cheese so not that low-fat after all... But I bet it'll taste even better with more cheese and some mayonnaise. I shall experiment on friends who can afford to put on a couple of kgs :) How I hate you and love you at the same time, you jackasses.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Dil Dil Dil

It's heart season. Time to bleed red (duh) and wear your heart on your sleeve. Order some dil-shaped stuff to bring a smile to your special someone's (in some cases someonessss) pretty, round face. I'll shut up and let the pictures tell this tale of lowe.

Friday, 3 February 2012

ABC Cake

I woke up this morning with an urge to bake, nay, a determination to bake. It's been almost three weeks since I've had some alone time with my oven! The horror! So this pleasant Saturday morning, it's me and my baby. 

The million dollar question was what to bake. I've been really watching my diet and doing intense workouts these days (oh, my legs, arms, toes and palm - what excruciating pain!) so I must admit, I was a little scared of getting right back to baking...what with the temptations! Anyhoo, nothing could keep me away and I quickly googled for the healthiest desserts possible also because I am dying to eat some yum yum stuff. And Voila! I present to you my ABC cake. A for Apple, B for Banana and C for Carrots. To feel more valentine-y I decided to inaugurate my heart-shaped mould.

I basically replaced sugar with splenda and honey and maida with atta (yet to see how that goes). And for the first time ever, I am sharing a recipe! This one's adapted from Cupcake project, a gold mine of cupcake ideas and recipes.

Aaaah! The sweet smell of cinnamon wafts into the living room as I type in a trance. I am tempted to try a cinnamon cream cheese frosting but then I remember this is supposed to be low-cal. Damn. Why are all good things bad for you?

Nevermind. This healthy mix of fruits still looks gorgeous, I just sneaked in a look. Oh, just thought of a related song!

Dil toh carrot hai
Dil banana hai
Dil toh apple hai
Dil banana haiiiiiii

Waah waah waah waah. Click here for the original, and sing along my lyrics :D