Saturday, 26 May 2012

What Kind Of Cake Are You?

Yo Yo Honey Singhs! What be ups, my homies?

All right, that’s enough gangsta for a decade. You may think I have long forgotten you and my oven but you couldn’t be further away from the truth, my sweet toothed fraands. I have been at it, day and night, bringing cake to those who need it most.

The past few weeks have got me thinking about life and all the little things that go into the making of one. There is the essential person who is alive that is required to make life, the flour to the cake, we can call him. And then there are all the other ingredients…some are essential, like sugar in the cake and some are the silent catalysts, imperative but too much would make life just bitter. I am talking about baking powder, guys. And in life, baking powder are the toughies that make life difficult. Only a pinch is enough to bring out the best in you. So next time something bad happens, think of it like baking powder, a little is essential for your cake of life to be beautiful and fluffy – too much can make you hard and bitter, I agree. Makes you think, what kind of cake are you?

My family is the butter of my life’s cake. They spoil me, indulge me, in way only family can. My cake (err…life) would be low cal and boring without them…kind of like a blob of dry baked flour.

And who’s the flour? Aah…don’t flatter yourselves, fellow readers, none of you are the core ingredient of my life cake. The flour is I (wow, there’s a sentence I never thought I’d say).

I are the flour to my cake, it is MY life after all, isn’t it? The right amount of me in my life can make it delish or lumpy and dry. It’s my job to hold all these ingredients together, because without them, I am just plain old flour. Meaningless and white.

So that’s my gyaan for this post, folks! Count your blessings. Everyone plays a role in the cake that is your life. Think about who is that pinch of cinnamon or that cupful of cocoa in your cake and remember time and again that all are required to bring out the yumminess that is your true nature. And yeah, believe in your flour self! FLOUR POWER, AHA!  

Meanwhile, here's an update in pics of what I've been upto!

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