Thursday, 21 June 2012

Challenge, accepted

Hello, y'all!
I've been really feeding my sweet tooth big time the past few days... (alright, maybe a week...or two) and I have been forced to make a decision by this nagging, annoying voice in my head (and maybe one in my house :P) to take charge. And what better way to do anything but by making it into a game!

So here's the deal: I attempt the IMPOSSIBLE.
THIRTY DAYS WITHOUT DESSERT. (I am having trouble even typing that straight. *gulp gulp*)

I have been having ice-cream cravings this summer, but we've got to beat it and find another way to beat the heat. Here are the rules to begin with:

1. Thirty days starting tomorrow morning (that's right, load up on all the munchies now :P) Hence the duration of the challenge is June 22nd to July 22nd.

2. No dessert means no sweet dish. However, sugar in beverages is allowed.

3. Fruit does not qualify as dessert, hence is allowed.

4. Each passing day will be blogged to record the effects of dessertless-ness.

5. Punishment for any deviation requires a full-scale confession on blog and encourages scolding-via-comment from readers.

6. Punishment also: for every deviation an additional 2 days will be added to the challenge.

7. To test the level will power and just generally for some fun, I will be required to bake a dessert once every week WITHOUT TASTING. I am allowed to have a taster though. (This ones going to be really tough).

So these are the rules for now. I hope you can join me in my quest, encourage me and suggest better punishments in case I deviate. The ones I have seem kinda boring! Need some entertainment, babay!

See you, playas!

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