Why I shake and bake

I know you're all just dying to know why I named this blog Shake It, Bake It. Well, it's quite simple. I have three basic reasons 'behind' this:

1. If you only bake and don't shake, there's a good chance you'll be called muffin-top and the only love you'd be getting is from your love handles. So on this blog, I will also be sharing with you my two favourite obsessions and how they balance each other out perfectly: Baking and Shaking, for a better cake and a better body. (Not that I am the fittest person around, but that day shall soon come!

2. No activity is really complete without 'shaking that biscuit, baby!' I love to get jiggy with it, and my favourite time to 'shake a leg' happens to be while I wait for that cake to bake!

3. I also find myself playing around and experimenting with my mixie -- I apparently love making really yummy Shakes, and you'll soon be learning more about that, so stick around!